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Lachute Performance Stainless Steel Muffled Axle Back w/ Double Wall Polished Tip 2019-2022 Forester

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$325.00 - $325.00
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This axle back exhaust was created with two things in mind: create a subtle and enjoyable sound for your car with as little drone as possible. We had custom mufflers made for this purpose and we are pretty happy with the results. Our custom mufflers give this axle back a clean and soft sound to enjoy even on long trips.

It is completely assembled by hand and built from 304 stainless steel to provide a quality finish and a precise fitment.

The adjustable pitch down tips will allow a perfect adjustment for any stock or lifted outback.

Customer Reviews

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Jerald Buckley
Lachute axle-back; 2019 Forester

Well made muffler and installation was very eazy. The sound, outside the vehicle is very nice. Inside, generally, its not bad, but there is more drone to it than I expected. It will require some sound deadening to get it how I want it.


Thank you for sharing your review of the Lachute Performance axle-back for your 2019 Forester. We are glad to hear that the muffler was well-made and easy to install. It is great to know that the sound outside the vehicle is pleasant, but we understand that the drone inside can be an annoying. It is good to note that adding some sound deadening can help mitigate the drone and achieve your desired sound. Thank you for your feedback!


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