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IAG Performance 600 Series FA20 DIT Long Block 2015-2021 WRX

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The IAG Performance Hand-Built 600 Subaru FA20F (DIT) Long Block Package is a complete, valve cover to valve cover, timed, crate engine. These engines offer significant ease of installation for customers seeking a complete "drop-in" engine package for their 2015+ Subaru WRX. The Long Blocks feature a combination of our proven IAG Performance Short Block and Cylinder Head packages, along with other race-proven components to complete the assembly. When paired with our Long Block Installation Packages, you have a true plug-and-play solution to get you back on the road, FAST! All components included are BRAND NEW and there is NEVER A CORE CHARGE required.

Every IAG 600 FA20 Long Block is sold complete and ready to install. Since their introduction to the WRX lineup in 2015, the FA20F has proven to be one of the more difficult Subaru engines to work on, especially for those who are inexperienced with the platform. The timing system on these engines is complicated. One wrong move can leave you needing a new set of valves. In building the IAG Long Block line we set out to make installation as easy as possible. To that end, we have decided to only offer the FA20 long blocks with all new timing components pre-installed. This means all your mechanic needs to do is swap over the manifolds, sensors, injectors, and external accessories to get you back on the road ASAP. Most installations can be completed in a day.

 The IAG 600 Long Block has a power output rating of 600BHP. 

IAG 600 Timed Long Block Engine Includes:

Stage 2 FA20F DIT Short Block Includes:

  • Case Halves -Brand new OEM Subaru FA20 case halves, bored and honed to 86.1mm
  • Case Machining - Modified for improved oiling
  • Case Machining - Bored and honed to 86.1mm
  • Pistons -IAG-Spec 86.1mm Forged Pistons, Ring Set, and .150" x 2.250" 9310 Tool Steel Wrist Pins.
  • Connecting Rods -IAG-Spec H-Beam / ARP2000 Rod Bolts
  • Rod Bearings-ACL or King XPG
  • Main Bearings -King XPG or IAG Spec
  • Crankshaft -New Subaru FA20 DIT WRX crankshaft
  • Case / Main Bolts -Standard Subaru case bolts
  • Hardware - OEM Oil Plug - comes preinstalled at the oil pan location

Compression Ratio:

  • 10.6:1 compression on standard gasket thickness.

Stage 1 FA20F DIT Cylinder Heads:

  • Heads - Brand New Subaru OEM WRX AW Cylinder Head Castings
  • Intake Valves - GSC 36mm (Standard) Intake Valves
  • Exhaust Valves - GSC 32mm (Standard) Exhaust Valves
  • Springs / Retainers - Kelford Dual Valve Springs & Titanium Retainers
  • Guides - OEM Valve Guides
  • Valve Seals - GSC Valve Stem Seals
  • Lifters - OEM Subaru Lifters
  • Camshafts - Kelford 264-EZ Camshafts
  • Multi-Angle Valve Job
  • Machined Cam Lobe Clearance
  • Resurface
  • Ultrasonic Cleaning
  • Final Lash

Gaskets, Hardware & Accessories:

  • Head Studs - ARP 2000 11mm Set
  • Head Gaskets - OEM
  • Valve Cover Gaskets - OEM
  • Cam Seals - OEM
  • Valve Covers - OEM
  • Timing Components - OEM
  • Oil Pump/Timing Cover - OEM
  • Wrist Pin Seal, Rear Main Seal & Separator Kit
  • Crankshaft Woodruff Key

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