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GrimmSpeed Hood Struts 2013-2021 BRZ

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GrimmSpeed really did their homework on this one. They're using some of the finest gas springs available (would you expect anything less?), so you don't have to worry about cheap ball studs breaking, or the gas springs only lasting a year or two. Manufacturers such as Porsche and Mercedes Benz trust these gas springs for OEM equipment, and so do they.

One major requirement is how the hood "handles." The stock hood is very light, and can bend fairly easy if you're too rough with it. If a gas spring that is too strong is used, the hood will raise too fast and uncontrolled. It won’t hold a neutral center position, and will be difficult to close. Use a gas spring that is too light and the hood will never stay open, let alone lift itself to any position. 

In this category they've really delivered. The design features a large neutral position in the center. The hood easily stays in place in this position so you can pop your hood half way up while you're at a car show without having to worry about finding the "sweet spot" to make the hood actually stay put. From this position, a small push from one finger is all that is needed to raise the hood all the way up. The same goes for closing the hood. Hold it just below the neutral position, let go and it closes just like it does without struts. You don't have to push the hood to close it. We hate to use the "P" word, but the balance is PERFECT. 

The other major requirement to the design was to open the hood higher than stock. Not only does it look incredibly cool, but it makes it much easier to work on your motor with the extra room. They've gained over 6 inches of additional lift (referring to the distance between the prop rod end, and the slot in which is usually sits), which is a lot.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Very well made

These are well made and function as advertised. Very easy to install.


Thank you for sharing your feedback on the GrimmSpeed Hood Struts for the BRZ. We are glad to hear that you found them well-made and easy to install! No more engine hood prop, and the added hood lift makes these struts a go-to choice! Thank you for your 5 Star Review and added pics!


Christian McNeil
Easy to install and looks fantastic!

Super easy to install with 2 people, slightly more tricky by yourself so the hood doesn't move but is easily doable. Work under the hood is now a breeze and they look great as well! 5 star product for anyone that likes Todo engine bay work or just wants that wide open clean look for car shows.


Thank you for the 5 Star Review! The GrimmSpeed Hood Struts are the perfect upgrade for any enthusiast. Whether you are working on installing performance mods under the hood with the extra 6 inches of space, or just wanting to show off what you have already done, these hood struts provide you with what you need. These are perfectly balanced giving you the best feel for opening and closing the light weight hood of the BRZ!


Easy install, great product

Got these to replace the stock hood prop which was not staying in place. Should have done this as one of the first mods. It provides so much more clearance and the fit and finish is amazing. You can find other options for slightly cheaper, but I've found everything grimmspeed does is worth the little extra. Don't hesitate, buy now.


Thank you for the 5 Star Review and additional pics! These GrimmSpeed hood struts are phenomenal. Sometimes these little upgrades are the best ones done!


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