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GrimmSpeed "High-Lift" Hood Struts 2002-2007 WRX / 2004-2007 STI

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Tired of that ugly OEM hood prop blocking your view of that beautiful boxer engine? Always wanted to open your hood with just a couple fingers? Annoyed that the hood prop is always in your way while you’re working in your engine bay? GrimmSpeed to the rescue. With meticulous design and quality materials, this kit delivers in a big way. We hate to use the "P" word, but designing this kit to be perfectly balanced was a requirement. Lift the hood halfway and you'll find a generous neutral zone. Leave your hood here for a sleek look at that local car show. Alternatively, a flick of the wrist is all that's required to coax your hood into its fully opened position. To close, simply hold the hood below its neutral zone and let go. No need to risk scratches or deformation by pushing your hood closed.


  • Opens Hood 35% Higher Than OEM - Better access and light for working
  • Perfect Hood Balance - Struts are balanced for all aluminum GR chassis hoods
  • Eliminates OEM Hood Prop - No risk of hood falling, more access when wrenching
  • CNC Laser Cut Brackets - Perfect fit every time
  • Premium Quality Struts - Larger strut body for smoother operation, made in the USA!
  • Durable Powercoated Finish - Protects brackets from corrosion
  • FARO Arm Designed - Allows more precise design and a stronger, better fitting product

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Vic C.
High lift...that is for sure

At first I was unsure, but I went with it anyway and purchased this. Yup, I am totally impressed with this...every time I have to work under the hood this really does get the hood up and out of the way compared to the factory rod. In fact I was so happy with it, that I bought one for the 2003 Forester too that is modded for some overland trails.


Thank you for taking the time to share your 5 Star Review along with your experience with the GrimmSpeed 'High-Lift' Hood Struts. We are so glad that you are impressed with the struts and that they have made working under the hood much easier for you. We appreciate your support and hope that you continue to enjoy using our hood struts on both your WRX and Forester. Happy overlanding!


jordan abrams
Really nice upgrade

I bought these after doing some research on how to fix my broken hood prop and I found these and I would rather these 100% of the time then the dumb hood prop it's worth the money


Thank you for your 5 Star Review of the GrimmSpeed Hood Struts for the WRX/STI. It is fantastic to hear that you found them to be a significant upgrade from the traditional hood prop. The convenience and functionality they offer are indeed valuable! Enjoy!


Kyle Andrews
GrimmSpeed Hood Struts 2002-2007 WRX / 2004-2007 STI?

Good price and fast shipping and very well packaged. Took a couple months to come in from back order. It was so worth the wait. I know alot of people who really like these. Tastefull mod and they really help when you need to pull an engine. Hood is opened literally as far as it can go, the quality of the material they use you can't go wrong and The way these parts are built is outmatched. 10/10 thanks subimods and thanks grimmspeed.


Thank you for your 5 Star Review of the GrimmSpeed Hood Struts! These are a great mod for your WRX/STI! The added height of your hood is fantastic when needing to work on or pull your engine! They are the perfect balance for the lightweight hood, and they look great! Enjoy!


Work great, easy to install.

A great alternative. They were easy to install and work perfect.


Thank you for your 5-Star Review of the GrimmSpeed Hood Struts for your 02-07 WRX/STI! We are glad to hear that they were easy to install and are working perfectly for you. Thank you for choosing Subimods!


James Davis
Must have if you work on your own car

This is a really cool upgrade to any car really. The hood prop on my hawkeye always got in the way. These allow you to raise the hood much further back, allowing for a much bigger work area while servicing your subaru!


The GrimmSpeed Hood Struts are a perfect upgrade and should have been come stock! Getting rid of the annoying hood prop is awesome! Thank you for the 5 Stars!


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