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Grimmspeed CHASE JB400 Turbocharger Kit 2002-2007 WRX / 2004-2021 STI

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The Chase JB400 Turbo is the smaller of our two offerings, this journal bearing unit is a perfect bolt-on to any stage 3 car, with which you are able to maximize the car’s power potential with instant results through installation/tuning. The Chase JB400 features a robust 49lb compressor wheel, with a 53mm turbine wheel to offer quick response and power in the mid-range where you need it. The Chase Version was able to hit 440WHP and 460WTQ on The GrimmSpeed Stage 3-equipped 2020 STI with the addition of only tuning and fuel mods. The impressive bit is that the vehicle was able to hold over 400WTQ from 4150RPM, an RPM range where the stock turbo begins to lose power. Compared to a tuned stock turbo STI, the Chase 400 is able to produce 70 more horsepower and 66 more ft/lbs of torque.

Quick Specs:

  • Compressor Wheel Size (Inducer/Exducer): 51.2mm / 73.8mm Extended tip, 48 Trim
  • Turbine Wheel Size (Inducer/Exducer): 53.8mm / 47mm, 76 Trim
  • Compressor Flow: 49 lb-min
  • Compressor Wheel Type Material/Alloy: Billet 2618
  • Compressor Housing Alloy: A356
  • Turbine Housing Alloy: D5S
  • Bearing Type: Journal
    • Severe duty 360 degree thrust bearing and twin hydrodynamic bearings –very robust for this size of turbocharger, to ensure reliability at high boost levels and in race applications
    • Dual piston rings and advance oil flinger design to combat oil leakage and CHRA pressurization
  • Compressor A/R: 0.65
  • Turbine A/R: 0.88
  • Adjustable Wastegate: Pre-set at 15Psi base pressure

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Jose estrada
Jb400 grimmspeed Dynno

Turbo spool until 3900rpm and hold until 6200rpm , made 421whp and 445wtq mods are ETS headers , dp (grimmspeed ) , inlet , intake grimmspeed, 1050id , tgv, Cobb flex fuel , ewg 38mm , stock Intercooler, xclutch carbón driveshaft , oil cooler and iag oil pan .
On a 2020sti.
Dynno sheet is from second pulled .
LA California @92F 50feet sea level .
Hope it help guys .
91oct 37whp and 390wtq

¡¡¡Better than a 20G - look what Cobb did to us !!!


We appreciate your 5 Star Review and added pic! Your review and dyno sheet speak for themselves!


moses dasilva

I been on the fence with choosing a turbo. FP Grimspeed and Bloch but i figure 3 yrs of development it has to be good product. Cant wait to install this bad boy. Be back with the Dyno results.


The Grimmspeed CHASE JB400 Turbocharger kit is the perfect upgrade from OEM! This turbo along with tuning and fuel modifications can add an additional 70 hp and 66 ft/lbs of torque! Thank you for the 5 Stars!


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