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ETS Mid Pipe Non Resonated 2022 WRX

SKU 200-60-EXH-107
by ETS
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The ETS Mid-Pipe is a performance enhancing modification designed to increase horsepower and torque while improving throttle response as well as reducing turbo lag. This is achieved through smooth mandrel bends that limit exhaust turbulence and backpressure under acceleration to allow the turbo to react faster under throttle. Additionally, the increased piping diameter allows better flow throughout the entire exhaust system that creates a more aggressive sound.

This mid pipe has been designed with high-grade stainless steel materials that will provide your vehicle with years of performance, and exhaust hangers are welded onto the stock location to make this exhaust component a direct fitment without the need to further modify the body or chassis. Additionally, exhaust gaskets, a v-band clamp, as well as the miscellaneous hardware will be included to make this mid pipe ready for installation.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Mark LaMastro
ETS Midepipe WRX

Great construction.
Fit perfectly.
Great sound with STI exhaust.


The Non Resonated Mid Pipe For the 22 WRX is a great way to add performance and sound! The larger SS material allows for better flow and the V Band clamp ensures you get the proper seal! Everything is included for a simple installation! Thank you for the 5 Star Review!


Dayle Nunes
Perfect Fit

Paired with the ETS Attack non-resonated Axel Back exhaust, the ETS non-resonated Mid-Pipe was the missing part to complete the WRX sound I was going for. Easy to install and amazing sound. The welds on the system are fantastic. Only issue was the bolts supplied were too long so had to add a couple of washers.


Thank you for the positive review and added pics! The addition of the ETS Non Resonated Mid Pipe gives you a full catback system when having previously installed any ETS Axle Back Exhaust! There are no modifications necessary and it sounds amazing!


Jordan Bernay
Great Quality, Not so Great Hardware

The ETS cutback system for my 2022 WRX is, overall, a great quality system. It fits perfectly, all welds seem to be high quality and it is certainly a great deal less restrictive than the factory exhaust system. The only problem is the hardware that comes with it. The two bolts that are supplied are useless. They are far too long and not threaded all the way. They are completely unusable. This means that if you are working on your car and it is your only car, up on ramps/ jackstands, etc. you are outta luck. You will have to find a ride to purchase different bolts to finish the job. Extremely frustrating. It’s not just me, I saw a video on YouTube and they found the same issue. Extremely frustrating!


We appreciate the positive review of the ETS Non Resonated Midpipe! It is a perfect edition to not only to stock mufflers but also to the ETS axleback setup! Thank you for bringing the bolt issue to our attention we will be passing this along to the manufacturer!


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