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cp-e Pitch Stop Mount 2002-2023 WRX / STI / LGT / FXT

by cp-e
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Custom Performance Engineering is very proud to release the xFlex™ EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer) rubber pitch stop mount for many Subaru vehicles! CNC machined from a single piece of billet 6061-series aluminum; this mount is not only totally indestructible, but it also transmits far less NVH (noise, vibration and harshness) into the cabin than comparable mounts.

Our Subaru xFlex™ Pitch Stop Mount is unique compared to competitors' mounts both in form and function.

cp-e™ goes a step further than the competition by using EPDM, a sort of rubber, bushing. Urethane begins to fail at temperatures as low as 200°F and generally, the bushings need a higher durometer rating to hold together. The location of the mount allows a large amount of heat to be transferred to the bushing. EPDM holds up to this heat and doesn’t begin to break down and fail. EPDM has a higher density than urethane, so the bushing can have a lower durometer rating while keeping high reliability and support. Why is that good? Higher durometer ratings transfer vibrations through the vehicle and into the cabin, raising the NVH (noise, vibration, & harshness) value. Available in 70A durometer option!

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Gregory Suenaga
Pleasantly Surprised

Originally I was going to install the popular urethane bushings models but quite accidentally stumbled on to the CPE Pitch Stop. As the description says the bushings are rubber so they aren't as harsh; this is my daily.
Noise is ever so slightly increased at start up and in a good way (bit of a growl, IMO) and no real vibration.
AND no more worbal wobble (undulation); unless I purposely induce it.


We appreciate your 5 Star Review! We are delighted to hear that you had a pleasantly surprising experience with the cp-e Pitch Stop Mount! It sounds like you made a fortuitous discovery when you came across this mount instead of the popular urethane bushings. The rubber bushings provide a smoother and less harsh feel, which is especially beneficial for your daily driving needs. It is great to know that the installation resulted in a slight increase in noise, giving your vehicle a growling sound without excessive vibration. Additionally, the cp-e Pitch Stop Mount effectively eliminates the worbal wobble, providing a more stable driving experience. Thank you for sharing your positive feedback, and we hope you continue to enjoy the improved performance and comfort with your cp-e Pitch Stop Mount.


Quality Pitch Stop Option

Swapped the Group N Pitch Stop Mount for this CPE mount. NVH is slightly increased over the Group N, but the mount also controls engine pitch better. Another quality product from CPE.


Thank you for sharing your feedback on the cp-e Pitch Stop Mount! It's great to hear that you found it to be a quality option and that it improved the engine pitch control in your vehicle. While it may have slightly increased NVH, it sounds like it was worth it for the performance benefits. We appreciate your 5 Star Review and hope you continue to enjoy your cp-e mount!


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