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COBB SF Blue Intake and Airbox Package 2008-2014 WRX / 2008-2014 STI / 2009-2013 Forester XT

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COBB SF Intake and Air Box Package

The COBB Tuning SF Intake utilizes our custom design to maintain optimal flow and net the ideal performance while remaining unedited from the factory velocity stack. The custom conical cloth filter feeds filtered air directly to the engine, while maintaining optimal intake velocity and minimizing turbulence found with many aftermarket intake systems. The COBB Tuning SF Intake system is compatible with Stage 1 and Stage 2 OTS (off the shelf mapping) provided for our AccessPORT ecu tuning device.

This includes the SF Intake & Air Box! You can purchase the intake and air box separately!

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Sean McCann
Now She can Breathe

2 yrs ago I got a 2014 WRX Hatch with 80K. I recently decided to start tuning it with an intake. I went with the COBB SF and box. Installed it myself - not too bad, even for a semi- mechanical guy.
I thought that was all I needed for now - like when I added a SPT intake to my 2005 REX (and exhaust - but no tune). The more I researched online I realized that I can't run the new intake without a tune. I went with the COBB Accessport.
Both shipped in a few days and while waiting for the Accessport, I drove her pretty conservatively.
I didn't have a choice - I punched it once and the engine choked on all the air.
Now I have both on board, and my car Sucks!... Literally.
And I thought she was fast before.
Listening to the turbo spool up (fast or slow) is addicting, and gives you that fisceral feedback that puts you in tune with what the engine is doing.
Botrom Line:
If you have a WRX, get an Intake and Tune.
The COBB stuff is great!
Save some $ and time and get both (Power Package). You have to.
Thanks Subimods!
Sean D MC


We appreciate your 5 Star Review and added pics of the COBB SF Blue Intake and Airbox Package for your 2008-2014 WRX. It is wonderful to hear about your positive impressions and the noticeable improvement after the installation and tune. The combination of the intake and Accessport is a great way to provide a significant boost in performance and made your driving experience more engaging. Enjoy the enhanced performance of your WRX!


Trisha Mae Canlas
COBB SC Blue Intake and Airbox

Packaging was in good condition, best company to order from!


We are glad to hear that you had a positive experience with your order of the COBB SF Blue Intake and Airbox package from Subimods. It is great to know that the packaging arrived in good condition. We appreciate your kind words about Subimods being the best company to order from. Thank you for choosing Subimods and for your 5 Star Review!


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