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Alarming Reasons Smoke Is Coming Out of Your Subaru -

Alarming Reasons Smoke Is Coming Out of Your Subaru

If you notice smoke coming from your Subaru, it signifies something is wrong. Depending on the color of the smoke, you can determine the source of the problem. Pay attention to the smoke and address the underlying issue as soon as possible. Here are some alarming reasons why smoke is visible from your car:

The Reason(s) for Black Smoke

If you notice dark fumes coming from your car's tailpipe, it might indicate a problem with the fuel-air ratio. This suggests that not enough air is making it to the engine, causing an excess of fuel to be dispersed in the exhaust, which appears as black smoke.

This is often due to clogged air filters, malfunctioning MAF sensors, engine deposits (especially in older models), or clogged fuel injectors.

The Reason(s) for Blue Smoke

The smoke that comes out of the engine can signal something wrong. If it's a color that shouldn't be white or blue, it could mean that the engine burns more oil than it should. Normally, engines only consume a little oil, so if you see a lot of smoke, it could be a sign that the engine needs attention.

The smoke from the exhaust might be a sign of an issue with the Subaru’s engine. The rings around the piston are worn down, allowing more oil to enter the combustion chamber and causing the smoke when accelerating. If this is the case, it needs to be addressed as quickly as possible.

The PCV valve helps maintain the pressure of the oil in the engine. If it becomes stuck, it can create an atmosphere of mixed air and oil. This mixture will result in a persistent stream of dark smoke released from the engine.

The valve seals regulate the flow of oil in the engine. Over time, these seals may become worn down, allowing oil to mix with the fuel. When the car is started up, the oil burning off with the gas can cause blue smoke to be produced.

The Reason(s) for White Smoke

The third most common smoke color, white, can indicate a few problems that are not serious. It is often caused by a leak in the coolant system, running low on coolant, or a problem with the cylinder, gasket, or fuel filter. 

To determine the severity, you need to look at the thickness of the smoke. If it is a thin vapor, it’s likely normal, but if it is thicker, it could be more serious, like a clogged engine.

Always attend to white smoke coming from beneath the hood of your car. Pull over and carefully open the hood to determine the cause of the problem. Have a professional mechanic look at it and determine the cause so they can fix the issue before it worsens.

In Closing, Visit a Mechanic Regardless of the Smoke Color

If you notice any smoke, it's important to take the car to a mechanic as soon as possible. The mechanic will identify the problem, get the parts, and solve the issue. The time it takes them to fix the problem can vary, but it could take a few hours or weeks.

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