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Protect your Subaru with MudFlaps from Rally Armor! -

Protect your Subaru with MudFlaps from Rally Armor!

Rally Armor has been the primary source for protective automotive gear for years. Their mud flaps have also been a highly regarded first exterior enhancement for your vehicle. Committed to manufacturing premium quality rally inspired performance products, their goal is to offer car enthusiasts the kind of automotive products that modify and protect their vehicles. Rally Armor manufacturers many different fitments and styles of mud flaps for pretty much all 2000s era Subaru models. WRX, STI, Crosstrek, Legacy, Outback, Impreza, Ascent even unique applications are covered by Rally Armor's unique universal line which offers end users the ability to have DIY (do it yourself) solution should their model no longer be supported. 

Subimods has worked with Rally Armor directly for years, this ensures that our customers have access to the entire Rally Armor line with limited supply chain issues. This also allows us to offer the newest and most unique offerings from Rally Armor along with being able to work cooperatively to release exciting new products like the New Era style for the 2015+ WRX and STI! 


Many of times I find myself perusing through these installation guides helping customers complete their installation but it has been a while since I personally stepped back into the hot seat and installed some parts on a car but before writing this I wanted to gather my personal opinion on the product, installation and the overall fit and finish of the product.

Let's proceed with installation! 

Having worked with the Rally Armor product for years I had a good idea what I was in for but I wasn't going to cheat and use our lift to get the car off the ground. Getting the vehicle lifted off the ground aides in the installation of the rear mud flaps by allowing the suspension to decompress and the rear wheels to sag which will leave more room to get your tools in the wheel well. The first thing I noticed as I began was the quality of the installation instructions, while many vendors are moving towards online or video instruction I found it really helpful that Rally Armor still prints their installation instructions with big images and detailed step by step processes on how to remove the OEM components as well since this is very uncommon. One of my biggest complaints with manufacturer installation instructions is they rarely start from the beginning of the customer journey but Rally Armor has you covered there and provides as much detail as I could imagine possible. 

Installation components you may need.

Rally Armor provides some really simple but complete hardware to secure the flaps to the vehicle. This is a nice touch because in todays day and age things are expensive. I don't want to have to go out and purchase seven different tools to be able to install a sub $200 product, it just doesn't make sense from a practical stand point so it's nice to see that Rally Armor took that into consideration using standard metric nuts and Phillips-head screws for simplicity. For the installation I was able to complete 98% of it with standard tools, the one thing I would recommend looking into is a set of Stubby Screwdrivers or a mini ratcheting screw driver like (this). I used the same ratcheting screw driver from my link to get the rear flaps installed and it was a breeze, a ratcheting screwdriver is a great tool to keep in the car as well for immediate roadside repairs as well!

Final Thoughts..

I would give the overall installation a 3/10 which is quite modest and the overall fit and finish of the product a 8/10. I would like to see some more colors offered for the Crosstrek, Ascent and Outback models similar to the 15+ WRX / STI but other than that, the Rally Armor product does exactly what it is supposed to! 

Here's some media! you can shop the collection by following this link


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