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Optimizing Your Subaru WRX for Maximum Reliability -

Optimizing Your Subaru WRX for Maximum Reliability

Purchasing a Subaru WRX can be a great investment, especially for the adrenaline-seeking car enthusiast. However, the performance of these cars can sometimes be limited by their reliability. Luckily, there are a few modifications that can help make a Subaru WRX more reliable while still allowing the driver to maximize its performance. Below, we outline two essential modifications that can help make a Subaru WRX more reliable: cooling and ECU tuning.


Many WRX owners overlook the importance of cooling systems in such a powerful vehicle and deal with engine problems due to excess heat. Below are a few common cooling modifications that can go a long way in helping improve the reliability of a WRX.

  • Intercoolers & Intercooler Piping
  • An intercooler is an air-to-air or air-to-liquid heat exchanger that cools a turbocharged engine's air intake. It connects to the engine's intake manifold and helps reduce the charged air temperature before it enters the engine. Installing an intercooler and upgrading the intercooler piping can help increase the engine’s efficiency and prevent the engine from becoming too hot due to excess pressure.

  • Radiator & Coolant System
  • The radiator and coolant system is essential to managing the engine's temperature. Most Subaru WRXs come with a high-performance aluminum radiator, which may not be enough to cool the engine during high-performance driving. Consider upgrading the radiator size and the cooling system with a quality coolant. This will help ensure the engine does not become too hot under demanding load.

  • Engine Oil Cooler
  • During high-performance driving, engine oil can become overworked and break down, leading to engine damage. Installing an oil cooler ensures the engine oil remains cool and prevents overheating.

  • Fuel System & Components
  • The WRX is known for its powerful and reliable engines, but they require high-quality fuel delivery components and systems to achieve peak performance. Consider upgrading the fuel pump, fuel injectors, fuel lines, and fuel filters to ensure the right components and fluids are delivered to the engine.

    ECU Tuning

    ECU tuning involves adjusting and enhancing a car's computers to improve performance and fuel efficiency. ECU tuning can help improve the reliability of a Subaru WRX by optimizing the engine performance and ensuring that the car is running at peak efficiency.

    General ECU Tuning Tips

    Before tuning the ECU, it’s important to understand how it works and what adjustments can be made. The general rule of thumb is to start by making small adjustments and to tune the car gradually.

    Tune for Efficient Fuel Usage

    When tuning the ECU, the main goal should be to make the car as efficient as possible with regard to fuel usage. By adjusting the various parameters on the ECU, you can help optimize the fuel usage of the engine and reduce the risk of it hiccupping or misfiring due to inefficient fuel burning.

    Final Touches

    Once the ECU has been tuned, and the car is running efficiently, a few additional modifications can further improve the reliability and performance of a Subaru WRX. Consider upgrading the exhaust and intake systems and replacing the spark plugs and wires. These adjustments should make the WRX more reliable and improve its performance.


    Making your Subaru WRX more reliable is possible by doing simple engine cooling and ECU tuning. By adequately cooling the engine, you can keep the engine temperature down and reduce the chance of any issues arising. Additionally, ECU tuning can improve the performance of your engine and help it run more smoothly. These solutions can work together to help keep your WRX running reliably and smoothly, ensuring you can enjoy your vehicle for many years.

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