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Get the Best Out of Your Subaru Legacy with These Notable Mods -

Get the Best Out of Your Subaru Legacy with These Notable Mods

Subaru Legacy is an excellent car that has a reputation for reliability and durability. However, like any other car, it can be improved with some notable modifications that will enhance its performance and appearance. Here are some of the best mods that will take your Subaru Legacy to the next level.

The Best Legacy Parts

Go for air induction kits and exhaust upgrades. Be aware that, for most configurations, these adjustments will not add torque on their own, but they can aid release power after other mods have been made by lessening the limitation.

Reduced flywheel mass Significantly enhances the engine's free-revving character. Possibly not useful for all Legacy vehicles. That said, mods for slowing down should also be high on your priority list.

Turbocharger and supercharger enhancements are the most drastic way to enhance intake air supply, allowing you to consume more gasoline and produce greater power statistics, is to install a turbocharger. It's one of the more pricey upgrades, but it pays off greatly.

An upgraded camshaft is one of the most noticeable mechanical upgrades, but it is crucial that you get it set up by a professional who is familiar with high-performance engines. You may not be able to obtain an appropriate cam in your area, but there may be a local company that can regrind a standard camshaft.

Better flow and engine efficiency can be achieved by flow- and port-modifying the engine head, which complements your previous mods for greater advantages.

Alterations to the Legacy handling system can be vastly improved by adjusting the suspension. The situation necessitates the installation of adjustable coil overs and upgraded bushings.

There are a few different ways to tune an engine control unit (ECU), but for the most bang for your buck, a remapped legacy ECU is your best bet.

The Legacy Tuning Stages

Modifications at the stage 1 level typically include performance brake pads, a drilled and smoothed airbox, intake manifolds, a mildly lowered suspension, new bushings, and a remapped or piggybacked ECU.

Stage 2 modifications often consist of ported and polished head, a fast road cam, high-flow fuel injectors, drilled/slotted/grooved brake discs, an upgraded fuel pump, and an induction kit.

Stage 3 modifications usually consist of internal engine changes (head-flowing porting/bigger valves) and compression-altering crank and piston upgrades. Tuning the motor and making plans, Forced induction (turbo or supercharger), Competition cam, and Twin charging conversions are all possible additions or upgrades.

The Legacy Handling/Suspension Upgrades

One of the first things to do while using a Legacy is to fine-tune the handling. Improving the Legacy's handling is a common motivation for modifying the suspension. Despite this, we keep seeing the same errors made over and over again. Adjusting the ride height with coil overs lets you tailor your vehicle's handling for optimal cornering.

Improvements to the Bushings

The rubber mounts connecting the suspension components to the chassis of the Legacy can be replaced with poly bushes, which are a direct bolt-on replacement. After some time, the rubber ones normally start to wear out and need to be replaced.

Installing brand-new OEM rubber bushes could have a significant effect on how well your car handles. The ride quality may suffer due to the harder polyurethane bushes, but the dynamics of handling will be preserved.

Other suspension parts may also wear out faster due to the increased vibration and play. A new set of poly bushes can help reduce the slop that often occurs with rubber bushings.

While primary mounts may be easily sourced in most areas, some poly bushings may be more difficult to track down. Custom poly bushes could be made to fit your requirements.


The Subaru Legacy is a great car that can be improved with some notable modifications. Upgrading the air induction kit and exhaust and reducing flywheel mass are some of the mods that can enhance the car's performance. Adjusting the suspension, upgrading bushings, and tuning the engine control unit are also crucial for improving handling.

Overall, with the right modifications, you can take your Subaru Legacy to the next level and enjoy a more powerful and personalized driving experience.

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