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Expert Tips- Choosing Aftermarket Rims for your Subaru -

Expert Tips- Choosing Aftermarket Rims for your Subaru

You may have woke up this morning thinking about all the ways you would like to modify and customize your Subaru. Like many others, you want to start with new wheels and tires. 

As a Subaru enthusiast, you stand as of the most uniquely creative, passionate, and dedicated individuals found in the world of automotive modification and customization. It's perfectly logical that one of the first steps in upgrading your car would be purchasing aftermarket rims. There are many manufacturers in the market today.

Beyond there color, style, and look, it's very important to make sure that they are designed for your specific model and that they'll actually fit the vehicle. You should follow a few steps in this process, educate yourself, and keep yourself from wasting a lot of time and money. 

Take the Proper Steps

  1. First, confirm that the rims you would like to purchase for your model Subaru are the correct size.
  2. Make certain that rims you choose for your car are compatible with it's suspension and brake system.
  3. Most importantly, if you are unsure about any measurement or specifics regarding the rims you would like to install on your car, please speak with a professional who can assist in the selection and confirm what aftermarket rims would be appropriate and safe.

Check the Size

Choosing the correct size is extremely important for Subaru all-wheel drive  models. The Subaru all-wheel drivetrain is sensitive to changes in the vehicles tire and wheel diameter. The drivetrain can be damaged if the incorrect wheel and tire combination is chosen.

Wheel size directly impacts the performance of your Subaru so making educated decisions based on expert assistance should always be considered when purchasing aftermarket wheels and tires. Both increasing and decreasing wheel size determines the correct tire choice since the wrong decision can affect your vehicles ride, stability, and overall balance, 
clearance, and issues regarding serious drivetrain wear. 

Check the Quality

Please make certain that the aftermarket wheels you purchase are from a reputable manufacturer and approved by Subaru. There are many quality wheel manufacturers in the marketplace today. Some manufacturers, such as BBS, a German wheel maker, have worked directly with Subaru to produce stylish, high-quality, and safe products that work with assorted models of Subaru vehicles. Rays, Enkei, Wedssport, Work Wheels are all also reputable brand choices to be considered when making your first upgrade to your Subaru.

Purchasing aftermarket rims from manufacturers that have not been approved by Subaru will prove to be problematic and unsafe due to poor quality and incorrect engineering. Logically, poor quality wheels manufactured by companies not approved by Subaru may crack, cause the tire to lose air, and possibly result in other serious issues including property damage, personal injury, or a fatality.

Play it Safe

Again, as a Subaru enthusiast, you are expected to improve how your car looks and how it performs. Most of the time, this starts by upgrading your wheels, modifying your suspension, or customizing your car in other ways. Whatever direction you choose to take in the modification of your Subaru, we strongly recommend that you first speak with experienced professionals and industry experts to ensure your own safety, protect your investment, and guarantee that you enjoy your car and Subaru lifestyle for many years to come.

Choose Subimods!

If you are preparing to modify and customize your Subaru and need aftermarket wheels, parts, components, or unique merchandise, contact Subimods, the leading supplier of Subaru performance parts, aftermarket parts, replacement parts, and accessories.

REMEMBER: We are all in this tribe together!

Thanks for reading!
The Subimods Team


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