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The 5 Different Types of LSDs and Their Top Benefits -

The 5 Different Types of LSDs and Their Top Benefits

Most people are familiar with the standard open differential found in most passenger vehicles. An open differential allows each wheel to rotate at a different speed, which is necessary when turning a corner. However, this can cause problems when one wheel loses traction and starts to spin.

A limited-slip differential (LSD) is designed to prevent this from happening by allowing both wheels to spin at the same speed, even if one is losing traction. It does this by using a variety of mechanisms to lock the wheels together, so they turn at the same speed. 

This article will tackle the different types of LSDs and their benefits. 

Different Types of LSDs

There are a few different types of LSDs, and each type works slightly differently, but they all serve the same basic purpose.

1. Clutch-Type LSD

Clutch-type LSD is the most popular type of LSD due to its relatively low cost and simple design. This type of LSD uses a series of clutch plates, transferring some torque between the wheels. 

These clutch plates are designed to engage when one wheel starts to slip. However, clutch-type LSDs can also be prone to wear and tear and may require more frequent maintenance than other types of LSDs.

2. Cone-Type LSD

Cone-type LSDs use a cone-shaped device to limit the amount of slippage that can occur. This cone-shaped device is located between the wheels and is connected to the differential. They are generally more expensive than clutch-type LSDs but are also more durable and require less maintenance.

3. Plate-Type LSD

Plate-type LSDs use a series of plates to allow for limited slip. They are generally the most expensive type of LSD but are also the most durable and require the least maintenance.

4. Torque-Sensing LSD

This type of LSD uses sensors to detect when wheels are slipping and then transfers torque to the wheels that have traction. Torque-sensing LSDs are generally more expensive than other types of LSDs, but they offer the best performance and are the most durable.

5. Electronic LSD

This type of LSD uses electronic controls to allow for limited slip. It is the most expensive type of LSD, but it offers the best performance and is the most durable.

Benefits of an LSD 

Having a vehicle with a Limited Slip Differential has a number of benefits. Here's a few:

1. Improved Traction 

When one wheel starts to lose traction, the LSD will send more power to the other, giving it the traction it needs to keep the car moving. This can be a lifesaver when driving in slippery conditions or on a track and can help you get out of tough spots when off-roading.

2. Better Handling 

Since both wheels receive power, the car is less likely to veer off course when one wheel loses traction. This improved handling can be especially helpful when driving on wet or icy roads.

3. Reduced Tire Wear 

When one wheel starts to rotate, the LSD will send more power to the other, preventing the spinning wheel from slipping and sliding. This can help to reduce tire wear and improve fuel economy.

4. Increased Safety 

The LSD will send more power to the other when one wheel starts to spin, helping keep the car under control. This can help to prevent accidents, and it can also help to keep you safe in slippery conditions.


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