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8 of the Best Mods to Install on Your 2015+ Subaru WRX -

8 of the Best Mods to Install on Your 2015+ Subaru WRX

Subaru is a Japanese automobile manufacturer manufacturing cars since the 1950s. The company is known for its all-wheel drive vehicles, boxer engine design, and focus on safety and reliability. Over the years, Subaru has gained a loyal following of drivers who appreciate the brand's unique features and commitment to quality. Naturally, the company has released many noteworthy vehicles, including the WRX.

The Subaru WRX is a high-performance sports sedan that has gained a loyal following of enthusiasts worldwide. Known for its impressive performance, all-wheel-drive system, and rally racing heritage, the WRX has become a cultural icon in the automotive world. However, the WRX models from 2015 onwards are notable for having the FA20 engine yield more horsepower. However, hitting past 350 horsepower will cause it to break rods and bearings, meaning extensive internal engine work must be done.

Luckily, various upgrades apply to WRX models made from 2015 onwards. Our recommendations include the following:

1. Coilovers: BC Racing Coilovers

The WRX and WRX STI differ in their suspension, with the STI claiming to have better valving, a lower ride height, and stiffer spring rates. Even STI owners seek to improve their suspension, often through coilovers, offering improved performance and a stylish appearance. By allowing for ride height adjustment, coilovers enable drivers to achieve their vehicle's desired stance with their wheel and tire combination.

BC Racing's BR Series Coilovers are a worthwhile investment for those needing ride height adjustment, damping controls, and spring preload. They come at a price of roughly $1,000. For drivers requiring top-notch performance that can handle street and racetrack conditions, KW Variant 3 Coilovers could be a more suitable choice. These coilovers have separate compression and rebound damping controls, including a piggyback reservoir that guarantees a seamless operation even in extreme situations.

2. Sway Bar Upgrade: Whiteline Sway Bars

The rear sway bar in the new body style WRX is too weak to handle body roll, causing understeer even with all-wheel drive. Aftermarket brands like Whiteline offer kits with front and rear sway bars, adjustable end links, and lateral locks for under $600 to address this issue. These kits use thicker Chromoly steel bars to add torsional stiffness and allow for adjustments to tune the sway bar to desired handling characteristics. Adjustable end links are also included, which are helpful when lowering the vehicle.

3. Exhaust System

You can either maintain the traditional Subaru rumble or increase your low-end torque by choosing between unequal or equal-length headers. Either way, more air is introduced into the turbo, resulting in a significant increase in horsepower.

4. Short Throw Shifter

For any WRX owner, replacing your shifter with a short-throw shifter and polyurethane bushings is generally recommended. Even though there isn't much play in your shifter, the rubber bushings tend to wear out. Upgrading to polyurethane bushings will provide long-lasting smooth performance, so the shifter throw on your Subaru may feel like you're driving a truck instead of a performance car. You can enhance your driving experience by purchasing a short-throw shifter from brands like COBB, Kartboy, or Perrin, making it feel more like a racecar and less like a truck.

5. Tuner Module

Once you're done improving your engine's performance, consider investing in a tuner module. This tool is crucial as it will help you maximize your modifications, ensuring you spend your money wisely. Additionally, it will help maintain a safe air-fuel ratio, ensuring your engine runs smoothly and reliably.

6. Clutch Upgrade: ACT Clutch

It's recommended to prioritize replacing the clutch assembly as it's been reported that the clutch throw-out bearing may fail after only 20,000 miles of regular driving, even without modifications. This issue is more likely to occur if you add more power. If you're already replacing the clutch assembly, it's suggested to upgrade to an ACT Clutch to handle the increased power and improve the clutch's performance while boosting the power of your WRX.

7. Brakes: Stop Pads and Rotors

The current WRX brakes are average, but there is room for improvement. Since most of your braking power comes from the front brakes, upgrading the pads and rotors can make a significant difference. The StopTech Street Axle Pack is a cost-effective option that costs around $300 and can improve braking performance. Additionally, installing stainless steel braided brake lines for an additional $100 can increase braking power and give you a more responsive pedal feel.

If you're passionate about driving with high performance or intend to race your WRX, investing in the StopTech Big Brake Kit is highly recommended. The kit has upgraded brake lines, calipers with additional pistons, larger rotors, and superior brake pads.

8. Wheels and Tires

Upgrading the wheels and tires is an essential aspect of any car-building project. This is particularly important for the WRX as Subaru did not update the wheel and tire sizes to match the big body styling, resulting in small wheels, far-in offsets, and limited tire options. While the design choice is personal, using an 18" wheel with a maximum width of 9.5" is recommended to accommodate up to a 285/40R18 tire, depending on the ride height. For a lower sidewall and a slammed look, a 285/30R18 tire can be used.


The Subaru WRX is a high-performance car, but you can take it further by installing upgrades to improve its overall performance. Many upgrades are available, so it's only a matter of knowing your preferences to ensure you achieve your desired results. All that matters is sourcing your upgrades from reputable manufacturers and having them installed by experienced professionals to ensure safety and optimal performance.

If you’re looking for Subaru WRX aftermarket parts, Subimods has what you need! We offer various selections such as brakes, exhausts, and suspensions, all for affordable prices. Subscribe to our newsletter today for the latest updates on new releases and insider specials!


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