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Subaru OEM STI Group N Transmission Mount 2002-2021 WRX

SKU D1010FE020
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These Mounts are made of a stiffer material then the stock mounts. These will reduce the motion of your engine during Acceleration, Hard Cornering, and High Revving. They give you a better feel of the engine through the shifter lever and Channel more power through the drivetrain. The STI Group N mount is constructed the same way as the OEM units, however using a much stiffer and higher quality rubber.

This will work on the 2002-2014 WRX 5 Speed Models as well as the 2015-2021 WRX 6 Speed Models! 

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Orlando Villatoro
Transmission mount

Very stiff. Decent price for a new and more improved mount from the OEM. Fast shipping! Will return for more purchases.


Thank you for your 5 Star Review of the Subaru OEM STI Group N Transmission Mount! It is great to hear that you found it to be a noticeable improvement over the stock mount, providing that extra stiffness to enhance your driving experience. Subaru's Group N mounts are known for their performance benefits, and it is nice to know that you got a good deal and fast shipping on your purchase. We are glad to have earned your trust and look forward to serving you again for any future modifications or upgrades you may need. If you have any questions or require further assistance, feel free to reach out. Enjoy your improved driving performance and happy modding!


Good and solid replacement

I have a 2000 forester 5 speed this fits perfectly and it much better than the stock one I removed when I replaced my clutch


The Subaru OEM STI Group N Transmission Mount is a fantastic upgrade from the original OEM rubber! The stiffer rubber provides less movement of the transmission, allowing for smoother, precise shifts! Enjoy!


Vic C.
Loud "thud" no more :)

So for a while there I was driving around and when I accelerated hard I would hear this "thud" noise, which concerned me. After looking under the car, I realized that my transmission mount was toast. There were several options on the board but I was on a budget and these are totally worth it until I can afford to go all out :P


The Subaru OEM STI Group N Transmission Mount is one of the first mods I ever did! IT makes a huge difference over the OEM rubber mount and provides so much more stability! It is one of the easier replacements you can make as well! Thank you for the 5 Star Review and add pics.


Steven Armes
Ohh yess

Who needs engine mounts when this trans mount can hold it all haha! Super sturdy and comfortable. No more sloppy feel when shifting. Definitely recommend. Easy install


The Subaru OEM STI Group N Transmission Mount is essential to firming up your drivetrain and reducing unwanted movement during hard acceleration and driving! As you said it improves shifts making them more accurate and smooth while also being an easy install! Thank you for your 5 Stars and added pic!


Kevin Valverde
Trans mount

Fits perfectly took my less than 30 mins to swap out and they’re way stronger and than the oem. motor and trans doesn’t move at all. Would for sure buy again


Thank you for the 5 Star Review! You said it all the Subaru OEM STI Group N Transmission is an easy install! The stiffer mount doesn't allow the trans to move the way the flimsy rubber mount does!


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