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Subimods Quad Hella Horn Harness Kit 2015-2018 WRX / 2015-2018 STI



Just over 8 years ago now Subimods brought you the easiest most well put together solution for connecting your Hella Horns! Fast forward too today and we have gone a step further! Introducing our Quad Harness having added the required connections for two more sets of Hella Horns while keeping the plug and play nature means that you'll be able to install your Quad Horn setup with minimal effort! 


This newly released harness keeps our 100% plug and play nature while adding some new features such as a waterproof Hella relay and socket, fully sealed nylon braided exterior and high quality heat shrink connectors. These features equal a truly element proof design that is sure to have your horns blaring for years! Other companies may produce a similar harness but don't be fooled, our Subimods V2 wiring harness is the only one of its kind. We took the time to listen to our customers and redesign our harness for their needs! Our product is designed to be 100% plug and play, that means no cutting, splicing, taping or assembly required by you! 


Subimods believes in the term American Made! All of our products are manufactured right here in the good 'ol USA many of them coming right from our CT location. You can guarantee that when you buy a Subimods product it will be of the highest quality!  



  • Waterproof Hella Relay / Socket
  • High quality heat shrink connectors
  • High quality inline fuse holder with a standard 20amp fuse included
  • Fully sealed nylon braided exterior
  • Simple Plug and Play Solution!
• This product is specifically designed to fit 2015+ WRX / STI Subaru models


Meet the creator of the Quad Horn Kit.. Quadzilla!


Watch as Nick takes you through installation of the Quad Horn Kit on the 2015+ WRX / STI



  1. Great quality plug-n-play harness Review by jonizzzle

    The awesome thing about the harness is that it plugs right into the factory horn harness and no need to fiddle around with inserting pins and masking it with electrical tape. The wires are also wrapped with protective tubing to lessen the chances of it from being damaged. There's enough slack to be able to hide the wiring into crevices but not so much that you'll have an unnecessarily large bundle. Just in case you were wondering, this harness works with 2 Sharptones and 2 Supertones. I've seen many pictures of it with 4 Supertones and I'm sure if you wanted to rock 4 Sharptones that'll work fine as well. (Posted on 4/21/2017)

  2. Straight Forward Review by Alun

    The hardest part of installing this, is getting the stock plugs out of the stock harnesses.
    Personally I screwed the waterproof relay from the screw where I removed the stock horn. (Posted on 8/8/2016)

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Additional Information

Manufacturer Subimods
Warranty Subimods 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
Color Black
Plug and Play Yes
Wiring Required N/A


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Subimods Quad Hella Horn Harness Kit 2015-2018 WRX / 2015-2018 STI

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