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Subimods V4 Hella Horn Harness Kit 2015-2017 WRX / 2015-2017 STI / 2013-2016 BRZ



Subimods 2015-2016 WRX / STI • The ONLY 100% Plug & Play Hella Horn V2 Wiring Harness 

Subimods is happy to announce our redesigned v2 wiring harness for the 2015+ Subaru model vehicles. We thank all of our customers for their patience while we assembled the most well put together Wiring Harness for your new WRX / STI. As many of you know the 2015 WRX / STI models came with a completely new specialty sealed horn connector. Where other companies have fallen short we have taken the time to make our wiring harness 100% plug and play. That means no cutting, splicing, taping, or assembly required by you! Our waterproof relay, fully sealed nylon braided exterior and high quality heat shrink connectors mean our product is resistant to all elements and will allow you to provide years of piercing loud supertones!


When brainstorming a new feature set for a new Hella wiring harness our team began by improving the components used, a new relay and socket design allowed us to streamline assembly and allow us to provide customers with a limited lifetime warranty on the harness entirely! That's right if you are the original purchaser Subimods will refurbish or replace your wiring harness should any defect arise during the period you own the product. Other build quality improvements were added to this harness such as a revised split loom to better withstand the elements and an upgraded fuse holder. The biggest feature came to us after we were discussing a way to give customers who purchased a two-horn setup credit towards a four-horn setup should they wish to convert. Our lead engineer almost burst out "make them all four-horn harnesses!" and that was how the idea was born. Now "4 is the new 2" if you want to just use two leads, go right ahead the harness will work exactly the same as our old gen HV2 but say you want to unleash the power of the quad horns on the road (down the road or out of the gate) just connect up the two extra sets of leads to another horn kit and boom! The best part is that we preserved our HV2 pricing on this new V4 revision so you aren't paying a cent more for this amazing new design! 


Back Story

Once we received our 2015 STI we were so eager to install our Hella Horns, we got the bumper off and realized that the horn connector was completely different. What was once a standard male spade connection, had been replaced by a molded specialty sealed connector. Heartbroken, we began looking into ways of adapting our current generation wiring harness to work with the 2015 Chassis. With multiple attempts at adapting the chassis wiring, removing the sealed connector, and trying simpler connections to mate to the connector we were left with the only choice; Locate the male side of the horn connector. 


We began what we assumed would be a very quick process, locate the male end of the horn connection! We sifted through hundreds of listings for specialty sealed connectors to no avail. Finally, we had a breakthrough we located the female end of the plug (Chassis Side) we believed that since we had one side we could find its mate rather quickly.. After some more research, we ran into a bit of an issue; There was no mate! It didn’t exist. We were left with only one option which was to have the connector custom injection molded. This process was slightly tedious, but we have constructed a true plug and play solution. So we thank all of our customers for their patience while we created this product from scratch. 


Ours vs. The Competition

Other manufacturers have released a harness for the 2015+ chassis, but they fall very short on quality compared to the Subimods v2 Wiring Harness. The first problem we noticed with other manufactures harnesses was that they were not truly plug and play; they used basic pin connections that required the use of electrical tape or heat shrink to rudimentarily seal the trigger wire connection. Secondly, they used basic relay setups and were not fully sealed. All of these shortcomings lead to a product that is prone to damage from the elements over time and rather basic.  Our Subimods v2 Harness picks up where all these other inferior pieces left off! With our new molded connector we can ensure that there is no extra work needed by the end user. Our waterproof relay, fully sealed nylon braided exterior and high quality heat shrink connectors mean our product is resistant to all elements and will allow you to provide years of piercing loud supertones!  


Subimods believes in the term American Made! All of our products are manufactured right here in the good 'ol USA many of them coming right from our CT location. You can guarantee that when you buy a Subimods product it will be of the highest quality!  




• Waterproof Hella © Relay / Socket

• High quality heat shrink connectors, properly sealed 

• High quality inline fuse holder with a standard 20amp fuse included

• Fully sealed nylon braided exterior

• 2015+ Molded Horn Connector

• No cutting, splicing or electrical tape needed!

• The ONLY True Plug & Play Harness for your 2015-2016 WRX / STI

  • 2015-2016 WRX / STI
  • 2013-2016 BRZ
Watch Nick take you through the install of our Hella Horn Harness on your 2015-2016 WRX or STI


  1. An absolute must Review by Colin

    Don't buy Hellas unless you plan to make your own harness or use this harness. Seriously. My brother is running the $12 harness off Amazon and it is half as loud as mine, and much higher pitched. Do your Hellas justice and use this harness (Posted on 7/29/2017)

  2. Worth Every Penny Review by ChuckG

    This harness is incredibly well made. Looks like factory, but cleaner. Everything matches right up and works perfectly. Highly recommended. (Posted on 6/28/2017)

  3. Too easy.. Review by Chris Quirt

    Its just to easy to buy this kit. I was gonna make my own harness until I realized the 2015 has a molded plug, luckily Subimods had this badass harness already set up for me, let the blaring horn begin! (Posted on 11/3/2015)

  4. Better then the rest Review by Linh

    Like the other reviews say this is the kit to go with! I bought a Grimmspeed harness previously because it was cheaper but when I got it I realized it didn't utilize a relay. This is a big no no for me as right in the instructions for the Hella Horns it says to utilize a relay. I returned that promptly and found subimods offering their kit which to be honest is worth every penny. Firstly it's the only kit on the market that has a waterproof relay which is huge. I also like that it is long, this allowed me to custom mount the horns the way I wanted to. Spend the extra money buy the best. (Posted on 10/30/2015)

  5. A must buy for anyone wanting horns! Review by Amada

    Wiring is just not my specialty. I was super pumped when I saw subimods offered a wiring kit for my 2015 WRX. I almost bought the subispeed kit but then I watched the video where they said to use electrical tap to connect a pin? If I'm buying a wiring kit the last thing I wanna be doing is taping anything. Got the subimods kit and everything is as promised. Everything is plug and play they use this rubber type connection for the trigger which fit perfectly which is cool. Thanks guys! love my horns. (Posted on 6/17/2015)

  6. Best on the market Review by Tuan Doung

    I came to find the Subimods V2 harness after my Subispeed hella harness failed and was pretty much smoking until it just decided to melt into a ball of copper and plastic. Called the guys at Subimods quick just to see if I would have a similar experience and they took the time to explain all of the details on the harness. I can say from experience a waterproof relay and socket is a must! The Subimods wiring harnesses build quality blows away that cheap Chinese subispeed junk. (Posted on 4/16/2015)

  7. Fantastic product Review by tim

    What's to say that hasn't already been stated, this harness is must. Makes the install of hella horns a breeze and the quality of the harness is excellent. Highly recommended, your not going to find a better solution out there. (Posted on 2/9/2015)

  8. Awesome product and great quality! Review by JDMCT9MR

    Using this harness literally mad the install a breeze. It took more time to remove the bumper. The only advice I can offer is to be careful while removing the nut on the back of the horns. As stated in the DIY video, the damn nuts on the horns are he-manned on there.

    Other than that I love this part! Can't wait for the JDM S4 WRX PNP harness to be released! (Posted on 1/30/2015)

  9. Worth the wait and price. Review by Jorge

    Truly impressed with the harness. Couldn't have asked for better quality. Worked as promised, truly plug and play. Looking forward to buying more things from these guys! (Posted on 1/29/2015)

  10. Excellent product / Plug and play Review by Wilbert

    As others mentioned I was going to go with the SubiSpeed product but something about it seemed unfinished. I had the V1 on a 12 WRX but needed something that was compatible with the 15 and I am glad I waited. The install was simple and the fitment is excellent! Diggen the waterproof relay! (Posted on 1/19/2015)

  11. excellent communication and customer service! Review by Ryan

    Great customer service from these guys! I ordered the V1 harness back in August for my 2015 STI, quickly learned about the new connector piece. Had great communication and customer service from Nick, giving me updates every month or so on their development of the new connector is going. Long story short, I just received the tracking number for the connector piece, no additional charges to me for this piece or shipping! (Posted on 1/8/2015)

  12. YES! Review by Zack

    Thank you! Finally coming out! I previously purchased the v1 Hella Horn Harness from Subimods for my 04 STI. Plug and Play, PERFECT! Preordered for my 15 WRX! (Posted on 12/13/2014)

  13. FINALLY! Review by Jon

    I've waited for some time for this harness! I almost purchased the subiespeed one but was not fond of having to use electrical tape to connect the harness to my car. I previously purchased Subimods' Hella Horn Harness for my 02 Bugeye and the quality was the best anywhere. Do yourself a favor, spend a few extra bucks for the quality that you won't find with any other harness! Thx Subimods! (Posted on 12/6/2014)

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Manufacturer Subimods
Warranty Subimods 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
Color Black
Plug and Play Yes
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Subimods V4 Hella Horn Harness Kit 2015-2017 WRX / 2015-2017 STI / 2013-2016 BRZ

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Subimods V2 Hella Horn Harness Kit

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