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Subaru JDM Steel Storage Box Small Red

SKU STSG18100220
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Here, you are looking at the Subaru JDM Cherry Red Small Steel storage box for organizing tools and small items.

This steel box for storing tools and small items. It can also be used as a case to organize the "Tool Bag" currently on sale from the STI brand. It is easy to use around the desk and is convenient for storing stationery and household medicines.

The S size with a width of 150 mm is cherry red. The body has a semi-matte finish, and the lid has a simple design with a stainless steel plate with the STI logo riveted on it. It also has a handle so that it can be easily removed from a storage shelf such as a stocker (can be folded when not needed). One of the attractions is the exquisite craftsmanship unique to domestic production. This listing is specifically for the red small box depicted. 

  • Material: Steel
  • Size: [External dimensions] W150×D100×H60mm, [Inner dimensions] W212×D92×H79mm
  • Plate thickness: [Body] 0.8mm, [Lid] 0.6mm
  • Color: Cherry Red
  • Country of origin: Region: Made in Japan

Product Precautions

  • Be careful not to pinch your hands.
  • The products are handmade one by one.
  • In addition, the painting is done by hand by craftsmen. Please allow for some uneven paint.
  • Excessive load or impact on this product may cause damage, so please be careful.
  • If you modify or process the product, the quality will be degraded.

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