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Molded Innovations Sequential Boost LED Bezel Kit w/ V2 Wiring Kit 2018-2021 WRX / 2018-2021 STI

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The newest drop from Molded Innovations boasts a completely new style of LED Bar, the Boost LED Bar features three styled LED bars available in a smoked or clear white style on a gloss black bezel along with a sequential turn signal atop the bars! This new horizontal LED bar style has been becoming very popular with numerous headlights on the market utilizing this style. Let's face it the fog light surround area of the 2018+ WRX / STI is pretty plain, the boost LED bars glossy black surround complements any color Subaru nicely, the super bright LED bars are visible at any point in the day and really stand out at night! Last but not least the sequential turn signal is a clean way to add a bit of extra functionality and style to your front end!

When we received our first test kit we noticed a glaring issue, there was no wiring? They simply included 6 T taps, and that was it. While T Taps are not uncommon in the automotive lighting industry they posed a few glaring issues to the ease of install, reliability and overall safety of this kit. Without any plug and play wiring, customers would be left to T Tap into three positions on your OEM lighting harness. When we first looked at the T Tap locations we noticed a few things, firstly the wires they were requesting customers tap into were just in bad locations, limited excess wire and were crucial to the OEM lights function. In short, the install would be tedious, to say the least and if done wrong could cause failure to arguably one of the most important components of your car.. That's where we stepped in! Subimods has always had a background in wiring and with the ability to develop and produce a proper wiring harness quickly we worked with Molded Innovations to release a Plug and Play wiring kit specifically for these Boost LED Bars. This wiring harness allows the Boost LED bars to function as close to fog lights as possible, this ensured that the OEM wiring was not modified in any way and that the LED bars were functional, safe and easy to install.

How do they work?

This is a very important section as the Molded Innovations wiring takes the signal to illuminate the DRL bar from the engine bay fuse box, specifically the factory DRL circuit via an add a fuse. This means that your DRL will be illuminated any time that position has power which essentially is any time the ignition is keyed on. This makes for a simple "set it and forget" installation and ensures that the function remains intact regardless of outside factors. The biggest pro of this wiring design is that it is 100% reversable and universal across STI models and WRX models without fog lights!

Why do I need a separate blinker harness?

Once we completed the power harnesses we noticed another point, the blinker connector still needed to be T tapped. This posed a similar set of issues as the STI models and Limited WRX models do not have the blinker in the fog light bezel, it is wrapped in with the headlight wiring harness. As a result, we made a plug and play adapter to allow you to simply connect three connectors and tap into your blinker without making a irreversible change!

I bought my bezels from another vendor, can I buy your wiring?

In short, unfortunately not. The reason is Molded Innovations does not just simply include wiring, they go through the process of modifying the bezels as well to add the weatherproof seal, connectors and heat shrink so that you the entire product becomes plug and play.

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
A Must Have!

These things are absolutely gorgeous! Quick shipping, great product. Tapped into headlight power supply to make wiring a breeze. Top innermost points can be a little touchy staying snapped in the bumper, but holding good for the most part. Excellent addition


Thank you for taking the time to leave a 5 Star Review of the Molded Innovations Sequential Boost LED Bezel Kit with V2 Wiring Kit! Your added pics and video show how awesome they look when installed! The added wiring kit makes installation a breeze, just as you said! Enjoy!


Tanner Coolidge
Spyder headlights

Great product, easy install, very bright white blue


We appreciate you taking the time to leave a 5 Star Review!


Harrison Graham
Looks great and relatively simple install

Fitment is spot on and the lights were definitely needed on the front end. I was concerned with having to take bumper off as it was my first time but then the provided wiring made it so easy. These are more expensive then like OLM but it’s worth it for the quality and basically plug n play harness


Thank you for taking the time to leave a 5 Star Review of the Molded Innovations Sequential Boos LED Bezel Kit with V2 Wiring Kit! These lights are look fantastic and truly change the look of the front end of the WRX/STI! As you said they are basically a plug and play installation with the provided harness!


Mario Guzman

Understanding about the return I had to do. Hopefully the process completes soon to get my refund. thank you


We appreciate your 5 Star Review! Subimods Customer Support strives to provide the best customer service possible! It looks like your return has been processed and your refund has been issued!


Somnang Vong

The kit was great I made a mistake bought the wrong color


The Molded Innovations Sequential Boost LED Bezel with V2 Wiring Kit are a fantastic addition to your WRX/STI! I am sorry to hear you ordered the wrong color. Please reach out to Subimods Customer Support via email to or call us at 860-291-0015 so they can help with this issue. Thank you for your 5 Stars!


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