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GrimmSpeed Version 2 GESI J-Pipe Catted 2015-2021 WRX

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The first thing you'll notice is that The GrimmSpeed Version 2 J-Pipe is now a 2-piece design. This not only helps to keep the U.S. welding/manufacturing, packaging and shipping costs down to keep the end product within a reasonable price range, but it also allows for easier solo-installation of the pipe. No more having to use exhaust stands or taking your chances by trying to balance a 6' steel pipe in the air!

Another major design change are the cast steel collectors surrounding the cat. These not only look phenomenal stamped with the GrimmSpeed logo, but also allow for optimized exhaust flow compared to other aftermarket offerings. They include a 3rd bung, giving you the option to run an additional sensor/gauge without having to drill and tap the unit. The cast collectors and 2-piece design of this pipe also allowed us to further improve ground clearance over our original design. This results in an additional inch of clearance, especially crucial for lowered cars.

The inclusion of the GESI Catalytic Converter is one of the major changes for the V2 J-Pipe. While retaining the high-flow characteristics of our former high-flow cat, the GESI is a much more robust unit in its ability to clean particulate matter that is part of the combustion process, while retaining all the benefits which are expected from a GrimmSpeed Product. It also gives us the flexibility to insert it in a much more desirable and better operating location, mimicking OEM placement.

Customer Reviews

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Vi C.
Probably one of the best J-Pipes on the market right now!

This piece is sure quality built in mind! Has an extra slot for wideband sensor and ground strap connection. I had issues with my Cobb J-Pipe throwing CELs. So I decided to replace it. I can't deny it's a beautiful piece. I notice that it does flow better but that's just my butt dyno feeling it. I like how the ends by the cat are cast made! Grimmspeed did an amazing job with the R&D on this V2! Subimods doesn't sell the heat shield so I picked that up from MAP, I think it's a nice add-on to complete the look and to add some temperature protection. It's beautifully well made J-Pipe well worth it!


Thank you for your detailed 5 Star Review of the GrimmSpeed Version 2 GESI Catted J-Pipe! As you said the build quality of this J-Pipe is phenomenal! GrimmSpeed did plenty of R&D to make this J-Pipe top notch! The cast steel collectors look fantastic but also allow for better exhaust flow and the 2 piece design makes installation so much easier! Enjoy!


Lee Yang
Gm2 j pipe

No issues. Pay what you get. Best one out there for the right price.


Thank you for your 5 Star Review and added pics! The GrimmSpeed Version 2 GESI Catted J-Pipe is definitely one of the best on the market! It allows for higher flow over stock providing more better throttle response and performance!


Matthew Grenda
Excellent of course

I got this J pipe for my 16 WRX. The weld quality looked fantastic. Even the cynical old men that loiter in the shop were seriously impressed. Installation was easy. Removing the factory 1st cat took some patience because of the hardware but that’s why grimmspeed provides new studs out of the turbo. I would recommend have a set of thread chasers on hand to clean up the threads in the turbo flange. I paired with J pipe with an Invidia R400 catback I bought used from a coworker. AEM intake and a pro tune brought me from 220whp to 260whp safely. Very happy with my purchase.


Thank you for the 5 Star Review! The GrimmSpeed Version 2 GESI Catted J-Pipe is designed to optimize exhaust flow giving you better performance! The 2 piece design makes for a much easier install!


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