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Crawford V3 TMIC Air Oil Separator Black 2015-2021 WRX

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The Air/Oil Separator solves a simple problem from the manufacturer; it transfers the oil back into the engine via the block not the intake. This not only keeps the vehicle within specs of smog but keeps the oil from coating the tops of the pistons. We all know what that does to any tune you have; it causes detonation, a very bad thing for turbo engines.

So if you want to keep your engine running consistently and strong for years to come make sure you install a race and street proven product from leaders in the industry.

New Dual Chamber (V3) Features:

  • Our Latest technology - Not seen anywhere else and Patent Pending
  • Double Labyrinth Chambers increase efficiency
  • Does not delete Smog Component - Utilizes OEM PCV System
  • Worldwide Compatibility: Fits on RHD Vehicles
  • No Coolant Line = Easier Install

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
jose bernal
Perfect item

Easy to stall I installed it a week ago pretty easy install I use grease to getting the lines on the pcv valves. It is the best modification you can have in you car


A good AOS is an essential part to keeping your motor running strong! The Crawford V3 TMIC AOS is definitely one of those! It keeps the oil from coating the tops of the pistons and recirculating through your intake, keeping your engine running clean and strong! Thank you for the 5 Star Review!


Ian Sweeney
Excellent, solved my blowby completely

It was a slightly time consuming install, nothing that can't be done in an afternoon after work. I have moderate skill with automotive work and had all of the nessesary tools already. I would recommend reusing any OEM line clamps that you can, especially behind the intake manifold. The most time consuming part was getting the lines on the PCV valve and on the manifold. Definatly exactly what I needed, very light with high quality lines and excellent instructions.


Installing an AOS is one of the best modifications you can have! It not only will solve your blow by issue but further protect your motor by keeping unwanted contaminants from getting back into your intake and engine. Thank you for the 5 Stars!


Crawford V3

I installed it a week ago pretty easy install use of white lithium grease and elbow grease should only take two hours must have item


Crawford is the original when it comes to the AOS for our Subarus! They make a great product and helps keep your intake clean along with cleaner, cooler air going into your engine! All of this creates a better running car and better performance, an absolute must!


Works like a charm

easy install noticeable difference in performance.


Crawford has been around since the beginning. The absolutely know what they are doing when they designed their AOS system. Thank you for you the Positive Review!