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Website Launch FAQ

We have built this page to answer the most common questions regarding the deployment of our new website and all the details surrounding said launch. 

I don't see my previous orders, what gives? 

Any of your previous website orders (10000XXXXX) are safe, secure and still processing if need be. When you move a website to another provider many elements of the data need to be converted, products, customer accounts, inventory levels, you name it. If it was on the V1 website, our developers needed to collect it and find ways to re-create it or move it to the V2 website you see now. 

We have secure access to all of our customers order data and every order that was processing before the new site deployed is still processing exactly how it was before. The orders will not show on your account as we are not able to move the data for the reasons noted above but rest assured nothing has changed from a processing perspective. 

Well is my order still processing then? 

Yes, rest assured all orders placed on our V1 site are still processing and on track for delivery as they were before. You will continue to receive updates from us as your order progresses, updates such as expected ETA's, shipment confirmations and other order related data will still be provided to your email on file. 

How do I get an old order confirmation?

Great question, as our team still has access to your entire order history for the past 10+ years, simply reach out to a member of our support team at and we can provide you with PDF copies of all your order confirmations. Please also note that all order confirmations were sent to your email on file when the order was placed but we are here to help should you not have those records any more. 

What about my rewards points and loyalty level!

Another great question! Our team spent many hours locating and manually exporting your rewards points and loyalty tiers. If you had an account on our V1 site and that account held rewards points and was in a specific loyalty tier, that information will be present on the V2 site exactly the same as it was! Now with our updated RPMplus (Rewards Per Mod) program you can take advantage of new perks, and our new affiliate program as well so be sure to review all the new information to have the best user experience possible. 

I have way more points than I did before, what happened? 

Every rewards point system has a different setup, one big difference from our previous site to our new site was the earning and the redemption rates. Stay with us on this it's going to get a bit technical.

  • On our old site, for every $100 you spent you received 1 Point, and 1 point equaled a $1 dollar redemption. 
  • On our new site, for every $1 you spend you receive 1 point and 100 points equal a $1 dollar redemption.

Long story short, the reward results are the same just the way they are calculated is a bit different. If you had 10 points on our previous site, you now will have 1000 points BUT the value of those points remains the same, $10 dollars off! 

How do I redeem my points? 

Redemption is even easier now! Once you are signed into your account you can redeem your points any time by clicking on the rewards icon on the bottom left hand side of the site. Or once you reach the payment page during the checkout process you will be able to adjust your redemption via the Rewards Point Slider! 

I had a store credit and now there is no store credit on my account.. 

If you had a store credit balance on our V1 site, rest assured our team went to great lengths to ensure it was moved over to our V2 site. Customers who held a store credit balance on our old site will find their available balance present in rewards points. Please keep in mind that the same points calculation rule noted in the points section above applies here. On our new site 100 points equals a $1 discount so for example:

  • If you had a store credit balance of $20 on our previous site, you will have a a rewards point balanced of 2000 points added to your account. 
How do I redeem my store credit then? 

Once you are signed into your account you can redeem your store credit any time by clicking on the rewards icon on the bottom left hand side of the site. Or once you reach the payment page during the checkout process you will be able to adjust your redemption via the Rewards Point Slider! 

Well thats good, but I have an old V1 RMA that is set to refund to store credit, what happens now? 

If you had submitted an RMA request on our old site or wish to do so for an order which was created on our V1 site and want to have your credit issued to store credit our accounting team will be adjusting the "store credit" to a gift card and providing that code to you via an automated email. As we will be phasing out the formal store credit policy in the next few weeks, gift cards will be the new standard. Your "store credit" will be disbursed via gift cards and will be disbursed based on the previous policy agreements. Gift Cards will not expire so there is no timeline for use. 

I really liked the wishlist feature you had, where is it? 

Our old system didn't handle wishlists with many items very well and became clunky, and sometimes broken depending on the items added to it or the device being used to access it. We believe wishlists are a big part of the path to building your Subaru the way you want, when you want. Our new wishlist system allows you to build multiple lists of parts (Exterior, Interior etc), is designed and optimized for mobile users along with having many options for sharing with friends and family across devices without needing to be logged in! Your old lists are safe and sound! If you would like us to send you an export of your previous list, please reach out to a member of our support team via email at!

I had a gift card from your old site, is it still active.. 

If you had a gift card from our old site that still had an active balance on it you will be able to use that gift card on our new site without issue. If you believe you had a gift card with an active balance but cannot remember the code you can reach out to our customer support team via email at and we will review the log files to find your gift card and balance. 

Everything looks great! I appreciate you guys explaining all this but I want to delete my account.. 

No worries, we're sorry to see you go but we can surely accommodate your request. We are legally required to keep your invoices and transaction records for financial reporting purposes but we are able to delete your account from our database to prevent any further communications from Subimods. Should you wish to us to complete that please email our customer support team at