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Live Inventory Page

We have built this page to answer the most common questions regarding the status of live inventory and product stocking

What does live inventory mean?

At Subimods we define live inventory as a feature that allows our retail website to collect and display the physical quantity of items we have in our warehouse,  items available at distribution centers and items that are present at manufacturers facilities.

Why is live inventory disabled? 

To start we have to go back to late 2020 early 2021. The aftermarket automobile parts industry relies heavily on strategic partnerships with overseas manufactures in Asia and Europe. As COVID took the world by storm many of these companies shut down or ceased operations, that combined with a completely unexpected demand has led to a ripple effect that is still felt today in the automotive parts industry. As of current times live inventory is still disabled on our website as we still remain in one of the dynamic and challenging times in our history. 

How do I check stock on an item manually? 

You can reach out to a member of our customer support team via email at, you can contact us via phone at 860-291-0015 or you can use our live chat feature from 10am to 6pm Monday through Friday!

Why hasn't this been fixed already? 

To answer that question we would have to go so many levels above our company that it isn't even feasible to put into writing. This is an issue facing every company across the globe, it is not something we want to continue and our doing our very best to ensure this issue is present for the least amount of time possible. Further complicating the situation more is the fact that many manufacturers do not provide live inventory feeds to retailers like Subimods. Best case in these situations is they have the feed and can provide it to us, which still presents a massive hurdle for integrating that feed but it is better than the alternative which is the manufacturer has no live inventory that can be provided or what is most common now is they have a live inventory but cannot provide it to us. This greatly impacts our ability to provide a holistic picture of the inventory we physically possess and have access to from third party warehouses. 

What are you guys doing to fix this? 

We are currently developing a custom application that will integrate multiple streams of inventory into our current inventory system. This will allow us to capture the full picture of inventory we have access too and as a result will allow our website to display the level of availability on the item(s) in question to potential customers like yourself! Estimated completion for this project is early Q3!

But for right now, here is what we are doing! 

Our site is currently set up to authorize your payment upon you clicking submit, certain third party lenders like Katapult, Acima, and Afterpay will automatically fund but for the most part when you click submit on our site we are not capturing your money. This is designed to allow us the flexibility to cancel your orders as soon as possible should an item be out of stock and get your funds released back into your account in the most expeditious manner possible. 

I received an email that says my item is out of stock? 

Should you submit an order on our site which we are not able to full-fill (partially or entirely) a member of our processing team will reach out to you via email with the item(s) we are unable to immediately full-fill, this email will contain a range of options and details specific to your order but the big thing we want to cover here is that you are not obligated to keep your order in place. Should you want to cancel your entire order or just the item in question which we are unable to fulfill that is perfectly fine! You will speak directly with a member of our purchasing team who will work with you to make any cancelations or adjustments to your order. 

I want to cancel my order or remove the item that is out of stock!

No problem! We are more than willing to accommodate requests like this. Once you have received the email from our purchasing team containing the details of your back order you can inform them that you do not wish to proceed with the order or in cases of orders with multiple items you can direct our team member to simply remove the out of stock item. Our team will proceed with making the necessary adjustments to your order and issuing any refunds accordingly with the adjustment. 

I still want the out of stock item, what do I do? 

We can surely accommodate this as well! Many of our customers choose to wait for the restock of in demand items rather than canceling and re ordering at a later date as this ensures that you are in the back order queue for when the restock arrives. Once you receive an email from our purchasing team please review the details and report back to them that you are wanting to be placed in the back order queue. Please note, this will require we capture the payment of your order to ensure that when it arrives there are no issues with payment authorizations and this also ensure that you are placed in the priority queue so inventory is allocated to orders like yours first!

I got an email that one of my items was out of stock, can I swap to something else? 

In short, no we cannot. The reason being is we offer a variety of payment methods. Some of them are lease to own or traditional financing which requires that we delivery exactly what was approved on your order. Failure to do so on our part would cause a variety of regulatory issues as well as possibly invalidate your approval. The good news is, all of our lenders are able to waive application fees should a customer place an order for an out of stock item. Once you receive an email from our processing team with the details of your order we can present you with other in stock alternatives but we would need to cancel your first order so that you could replace a new order for the alternative item. 

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