RSTI Trunk Badge


RSTI Trunk Badge


Check out the "RSTI" Trunk Badge! Made here in the USA, there are currently four colors: Red, Pink, Blue, & Gold. These badges came with some high demand for those in the RS community that have completed STI swaps. With these custom color options, complete your vehicle's custom look with this one of a kind trunk badge. 

This emblem was designed to maintain the "stock" appearance of a standard issued trunk badge. 


The trunk badge measures 5.25" in lenght, 1.25" in height (RST letters), and with the "T" measuring at a height of 1.5". Please refer to the images attached with this product listing. 


The trunk badge is constructed of high quality plastic with raised lettering. The badge is then overlayed with a color foil, and sealed with a clear acrylic top coat for added durability. In addition, the badge comes with a high quality 3m ahesive backing, die cut to match the outline of the emblem. Just simply peel the non-stick backing, and apply your trunk badge with ease!

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