Ok, quick weekend update. Yesterday I spent a few hours with my buddy and utilized his hydraulic press. It was a good thing I decided to just do all of the wheel bearings because the front sets were completely rusted. I assume that the hubs had been sitting for a little while, either overseas or in a shipping container etc before I purchased the driveline etc.


Using the hydraulic press, we were able to easily disassemble the hubs. After removing the old seals, clips, and old bearings...I cleaned and prepped the hubs for the new bearings and seals. While the hubs were apart, we used the huge hydraulic press to seat the ARP Extended Wheel Studs. This was huge at this stage because there was no way I was getting those things in without destroying them or the backing plates. Once the studs were pressed in, we started to press each of the bearings in place. Once in place, we dropped the retaining clips back in and installed the new seals. A lil Lucas Red & Tacky grease was then applied. This took a few hours, as each component of the hub had to be pressed out, and pressed back in. Doing it ourselves however saved a good chunk of change, as I can only imagine what a dealership charges for this type of service.


Subaru RS Wheel Bearings Replacement


Subaru RS STI Swap Project Wheel Bearing Replacement


Subaru Subimods RS STI Build Wheel Bearing Seals Replacement


Subaru RS STI Build ARP Extended Wheel Studs Installation 

Once the hubs were reassembled, I moved onto the STI front control arms. I took a few minutes to press out the bushings in the control arms and upgrade them with the [URL="https://subimods.com/whiteline-front-inner-lower-control-arm-bushing-2002-2007-wrx-by-whiteline-for-59-90.html"]Whiteline Front Inner Lower Control Arm Bushings[/URL]. When I get back to the shop on Monday, I'll be installing the Whiteline Anti-Lift Kit before putting them back into the car.


My plan for Monday is the following:


• Replace the axle seals and put axles back in
• Install the rear hubs, and the rear parking brake assembly
• Install the rear rotors and brake calipers
• Put the wheel on the car to cry from joy
• Install front axles, hubs, calipers, and coilovers


Keep you guys posted!


• Joe