Got some updates before the weekend! I FINALLY got the transmission into the car!


STI 6spd Transmission

STI 6spd Transmission Swap


Subaru STI 6spd Transmission RS Swap


As previously shown, I completely rebuilt the transmission cradle for the 6spd and installed the Group N transmission mount. Yesterday I was able to muscle the transmission into place and get it mounted into the car. This was a nice milestone to reach in the build because I can actually see the driveline really coming together. I also upgraded the shifter bushings with the Subimods Delrin Shifter Bushings and Subimods Rear Stay Bushing kit. This should absolutely take any play out of the shifter.


Also yesterday, I called up our buddies over at Suburban Subaru and ordered up the axle seals. I overlooked this in the rear differential, but pulled the axles in the rear again in order to do this. It sucks, but I would rather take the time now, rather than have oil dripping all over the new parts.


Today I removed all of the stock wheel studs, in hopes of easily installing the ARP Extended wheel studs. However, I had no such luck installing these. I am not able to pass them through the ABS sensor hole, and without grinding the snot out of them, which I do not want to do, there is no way to get them in. It was at this point after a few choice words about how something stupid and little always comes up, that I made the decision to replace all of the wheel bearings. This would force me to pull the hubs apart, where I can then easily install the ARP Extended wheel studs, and then replace the bearings. So that is my plan for tomorrow afternoon, lol. I know this will be worth it in the long run, and should take any amount of doubt of running into issues.


Also tomorrow, I will press out the caster bushings on the control arms and upgrade them with the Whiteline ones. I will also install the Whiteline anti-lift kit as well. The plan is to return to the shop on Monday and get a solid day of installing parts in. The ultimate goal is to have the front and rear calipers mounted by the end of Monday...wish me luck!


Keep you guys posted!



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