Just a quick update everyone! I got some more prep work done this week, as I am just waiting on the the transmission/front axle seals so I can get the front suspension finished up. In the meantime, I went ahead and welded in some of the bolt holes that will no longer be needed, abs...battery tray etc. I then grinded the welds down and filled them in with some nice body glaze....yessss. Gave it a final sand down and then started painting the engine bay with POR15 top coat, gloss black. I have to say, this stuff goes on pretty nicely. Be sure to take your time and use a decent brush. I found that helped a lot with keeping the streaks down to a minimum. I got about halfway through the bay yesterday, and finished it up today. Tomorrow I'll give it a quick once over and try to smooth out any paint drips or brush strokes. But for the most part, the bay is good to go! Once I start getting some engine components installed, it will cover the majority of the bay up, but this stuff really cleans up the bay. I'm just afraid to get it dirty now lol.


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The plan for tomorrow is to get the transmission seals in. I also ordered up the transmission tail seal. Figured do it now, rather than find out after everything is installed and it leaks. Have to say, we haven't skipped a bolt, bushing, or bearing that could either be upgraded or at least replaced. Once the seals in, then I'll get the front hubs on and front control arms. I had the control arms hit with some glass bead, so these will look pretty much brand new! So look forward to some awesome photos tomorrow! 


• Joe