Hello everyone! Just a quick update on the project, as we got pretty slammed in preparing for this year's Wicked Big Meet here in Connecticut.


I made some steady progress in the build project. The Aluminum Driveshaft from the Driveshaft Shop came in this past week and I was able to get it installed. It is a bit bigger in diameter compared to the stock driveshaft. However, the weight difference is huge as it is about half the weight as the stock one, and/or the v7 STI one that came with the driveline.


RSTI Subimods Driveshaft Shop Aluminum Driveshaft


As you can see in the photo below, the initial bolt holes did not line up on the rear diff. However, after speaking with the great people over at the Driveshaft Shop, it is because the JDM rear diffs come with a different mounting plate. I just got the USDM on, and will be installing it on the car in the morning for final installation.


Driveshaft Shop Aluminum Driveshaft

Driveshaft Shop RSTI

RSTI Subimods Driveshaft Aluminum

Aluminum Driveshaft Subaru Subimods


Also, I received my Fender Braces from Subtle Solutions. These are definitely a lot stronger than the stock, stamped fender braces. Should stiffen things up a little bit.


Subtle Solutions Fender Brace


I then got around to cleaning out the interior of the car finally. I will give it a good vacuum in the morning as well. I have decided to go with a 4 point cage in the car. I will also be plating off the rear pass through to the trunk, as will be required for installing the fuel cell in the trunk. I am working out the details for that as well.


RSTI Subaru Subimods Interior


RSTI Subaru Subimods Trunk


And finally for today, the fun bits from Chase Bays came in today! I will be making some nice installation instructions and take some nice photos to help others. Initial impression is the products are high quality.


Brake Booster

Chasebays Brake Booster Subimods Subaru


Fuel Lines, Brake Line Relocation Kit, Power Steering Pump Lines & Overflow

Subimods Chasebays


Will have some more photos and updates tomorrow. I have made the decision to go with the Process West V Mount setup for this build. I am just waiting on confirmation on which intake we will be using for this build. We also determined which color the car will get painted, as well as the engine bay accents...but you'll have to wait until the end for those...lol.


Keep everyone posted!