Well, here's what I got for updates before the weekend. I had an appointment this morning, so didn't get around to working on the car until about 1:00pm. I originally ordered the front axle/transmission seals, but noticed that the ones I received, would not fit into the transmission. I did some reading, and figured that it was because I received the "early 2004" axle seals, so I ordered the newer ones. They arrived today, exactly the same size. From holding the seal up to the opening in the transmission case, there was no way it would go in without damaging it. After some seriously research, I found some information related to the v7 Transmission that I was installing. On these transmissions, there is actually a "shoulder" or "lip" if you will, that keeps the seal from creeping out of the transmission case. Not sure how that would happen with the axle there, but must be for good reason. To properly install the seals on this version transmission, you have to remove the "Front Differential Retainer".

RSTI Build Front Axle Seals

Refer to the above photo, the Front Differential Retainer is that lil sun dial looking piece if you will. It actually screws into the transmission and is then secured with a locking clip. For each side, I had to remove the bolt, locking clip, then tap each retainer plate counter clockwise. This loosened up the plate, which then screwed out of the transmission. Just a quick note, before doing so (if you ever have to do this), make sure you mark the plate and transmission with a marker so you know exactly where it was. These plates have an o-ring on it and help seat the front differential outer bearings. This just ensures it is installed properly. It took just about seven (7) complete counter clockwise turns to remove the plate from the transmission.


STI v7 JDM Transmission Axle Seal Replacement


RS STI v7 JDM Transmission Seals Subaru Subimods


Subimods RS STI Swap Transmission


Subaru Performance Parts Sale Transmission


Once the plate was out of the transmission, I could then very easily install the axle seal from the reverse side. I seated the seal using a large socket and gently tapping it with a rubber mallet until properly seated. I then applied some grease and prepared to reinstall the plate.


Subimods RS v7 Transmission


Subimods RS STI Swap v7 Transmission


I then reinstalled the plates back so the marks I previously made lined up. I reinstalled the clip and bolt, then completed the other side. In all, this process takes about 20 minutes. It was alot easier than anticipated. I believe Subaru makes a special tool for this, but this worked the same. Just take your time so you do not snap any of the "teeth" on the plate itself.


Once the seals were done, I then went onto installing the front axles. Once in, I installed the front knuckles and seated them in the control arms. Lastnight we had the control arms glass beaded so these things look better than new. The GTSpec ball joints look sick as they seat right in them. Also, there are conical inserts for the STI's that go into the control arms in case you are doing a swap like this. My control arms did not come with them, so we ordered new ones from Subaru. They simply drop in and help center and seat the ball joints in the control arm.


Subimods RS STI Swap v7 JDM


JDM v7 RS STI Subimods Build


I'm pretty stocked because I'm just a hour away from having an actual roller again. On Monday I plan on getting the Kartboy front endlinks installed and just tighten everything down. I am going to hold off on mounting the front calipers as I am going to wait to get tires on my wheels for a bit. Figured I could use the money to dump into the motor build....


Will have some more updates on Monday, have a great weekend everyone!


• Joe