Another productive day today working on the car today. I started the morning out by finishing tightening all of the remaining bolts for the rear suspension components. Once this was completed, I moved onto applying some POR15 to the cavities if you will, where the top of the coilovers come up through the rear of the body, and are bolted. I applied a nice gloss black, allowed it to dry, and then installed the provided GTSpec Rear Strut Tower bar. Once this was installed, I then tightened the nuts for the rear coilovers. 

I then finish cleaning the trunk of the car, which I previously degreased and applied the POR15 metal prep solution. I decided on completely coating the trunk with the 3M Underbody Spray. This stuff is higher quality then the generic auto parts store stuff. Plus it does not come out all goopy like the rubberized stuff. It adds a very nice durable texture, and really gives a clean look to the trunk. Originally I was going to apply some of the gloss black POR15 to the walls in the trunk, but decided against because most of it is going to be covered by various parts. I still have to install the fuel cell in the tire well, the battery box, and the windshield wiper reservoir in the trunk as well. 

Once the trunk was coated, it looked very clean. I allowed some time for it to dry...but I get very impatient. I therefore went on to install the GTSpec Trunk Cage. This thing is a beast! It was kind of tricky to install, only that you have to use a reinforcement plate, which goes over the long mounting bolt on each end. The hard part is then having to apply the lock washer and nut, while also installing the rear bumper beam at the same time lol. I was able to do this with some help from the Team at the shop. It wasn't too bad, considering we went with the JDM light weight rear bumper beam. Once the main bar was secured, we then connected the tie bars which connect the trunk bar to the rear strut tower bar. Once fastened, you could definitely tell the trunk was now very solid, adding a little more rigidity to the rear of the car. I can't way to see how this car handles lol. 

This was pretty much what got done for the day. My goal for tomorrow is to get the Transmission cradle and mount assembled and install the Transmission. This will be a huge step forward, as the rear of the car had quite a bit of components installed. I also ordered the 1-Piece Aluminum Drive Shaft from the Drive Shaft Shop, which I should have around Thursday of this week. Trying to shave weight where I can, and upgrade where I can. I also grabbed some ARP Extended Wheel Studs off our shelves today. Going to install those bad boys tomorrow, as they are going to be needed with wheels I am running. Plus I have to run at least a 10mm wheel spacer in order to clear the trailing arm and coilovers in the rear once I get the tires on lol. 

If I can get the extended wheel studs installed, I can then put the rear parking brake assembly back together, and get the rear rotors on. THEN I can install the rear Brembo brake calipers, which will really make it look like something. I am almost debating with getting the tires for the wheels sooner than later, so I can actually mount the tires on the of the car. That would be some serious motivation for the build progress. 

I will provide another update with photographs tomorrow once I get home from the shop!

• Joe

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