Got a little more work done on the car today. Was hoping to get the transmission in the car, but ran out of time. I started this morning by reassembling the transmission cradle and upgrading the bushing with hardened Whiteline ones. I then installed the cradle, as well as the Group N transmission mount to the transmission. Prior to attempting to install the transmission, I went ahead and upgraded the shifter bushings. I installed the Subimods Delrin Shifter bushings, removing any/play in the shifter. I then installed the Subimods Rear Stay bushing.


To make the installation of the transmission in the morning easier, I just went ahead and removed the front suspension, steering rack cradle etc in one section. Now the front end of the car is looking pretty bare lol. The plan is to install the transmission first thing in the morning and get that set into place. I will then move onto installing the ARP Extended Wheel Studs which came in today. Once this is done, I will then finish putting the parking brakes back together so I can actually install the rear rotors. If I have time, I will then install the rear calipers, which will look pretty sick on the car. I will definitely have even more photos of this tomorrow.


ohhh...and I made a nice purchase today, as it will help towards the end of the build...


RS Front Bumper w/ Authentic Chargespeed Lip & Prodrive P1 Fogs...mmmm.

Chargespeed Subaru Impreza Front Lip

Chargespeed Subaru STI


Here's some pics from the rest of the install today...


Subaru STI Transmission Cradle


Subaru STI Transmission


Subimods Delrin Shifter Bushing Kit


Subimods Delrin Shifter Bushing Kit

Subimods STI Transmission Install

Subaru Front End Removed


Subaru RS Impreza Front End