Just a real quick update in regards to the build. On Monday I was able to apply some final touch ups to the engine bay's POR15 coating. Looks pretty sweet!


RS STI Subimods Chasebays BC Racing


I was also able to install the front knuckles on the front axles, and bolt them up to the front coilovers. I picked up some brand new camber bolts and just zero'd them out for now. I also went ahead and installed the DBA4000 Slotted rotors on the front. She's finally a legit roller again!


BC Racing Subaru Sale RS STI


POR15 Engine Bay Subaru RS STI Swap Project


In the mean time, I picked up a high end brake line flaring tool. I will be running all new stainless steel brake hard lines through the car. I got work from Chasebays that they will be supplying quite a bit of goodies, so I'll be able to tuck a lot of the brake lines in the interior of the car. This should really help keep the engine bay clean. I still have to install the steering rack, but am going to wait for the Chasebays parts to come in so I can take some nice install photos for them. Plus will make it much easier installing the new lines etc.


I will likely clean the interior this week and start on the brake lines. As I will likely pull the trigger on the fuel cell also, so I can start installing that as well. I ordered an Odyssey Battery as well as the battery box and battery kill switch. This will get mounted in the trunk, as well as the windshield wiper fluid tank. Plus that will make it easier when I mount the rear windshield wiper motor (so far away lol).


Keep you guys posted as always!


• Joe