Hello Everyone!  


Thank you for taking a few quick minutes to see what's new here at Subimods.com.  As you probably noticed, we have completely redesigned and made some major improvements to the overall site layout, navigation, and site features.  We wanted to really step our game up and ensure you that we are your source for Subaru Performance Parts!  


As you'll immediately notice, the front page of the site has been completely redesigned.  With visually stunning photography, we wanted to really showcase our major product lines, products, and sales.  You can click on any of this sections, or you can start shopping for your parts right away!  Now we have implemented several ways to do this.  First, you have the Model - Sub Model - Year search filter.  You can become very specific in your search for parts.  Please bare with us however, as we are still in the process of updating well over 3000 products to work with this search filter, which we are working behind the scenes on!  The second way to search for parts, is they traditonal Drop Down Navigation Links.  Here you will see all of the product categories and sub-categories clearly mapped out.  Simply choose your application and you will be brought to your associated products.  From here, you can then refine your search even more.  We spent a lot of time with researching, developing, and testing the absolute best ways to make navigating the site perfect.  


Subimods Loyalty ProgramA HUGE change or upgrade to the site is our Subimods Loyalty Program & Subibux.  This program replaces our old rewards program.  To receive the benefits of both programs, simply create an account, that's it.  You will then earn Subibux from any/all purchases you make here on Subimods.com.  These Subibux can then be used towards future purchases, like store credit.  In addition, Subimods.com will automatically track your cumulative spending history with us.  Based on your spending totals, you will be automatically enrolled into three different level classes.  Depending on which class you qualify for, you will receive additional discount rates which are automatically applied to your cart upon checkout.  NO OTHER SITE OFFERS THIS!  We really stepped our game up and wanted to give back to our cusotmers.  You can find out more details about this program on our Loyalty Program Page


As part of this major rennovation, we really improved on our product pages and information about the products themselves.  We are finishing up the product overhaul at this time, but on each product page, you will see a "Product Specifications" tab.  Here you will find even more product information.  We also upgraded our prodcut reviews section and product questions section.  We figured we would get the best feedback and information from those that are actually getting their hands on the product, you.  


And to wrap up this "quick" blog, we put the most time into our customer service.  With adding hours to our live customer support, to hiring more customer representatives, we made this #1.  Without our customers, we would not be here.  We are greatful for your continued support and we are here to help you with your Subaru needs!


Continue to check back for frequent blogs!  


• Joe