ISC Wheel Spacers


ISC Suspension has developed wheel spacers for those individuals who need 15mm or 25mm bolt on hub centric wheel spacers for their Subaru. Sold in pairs, these ISC wheel spacers are a perfect solution for those who want to run a direct fit spacer application on their car. Backed by ISC’s quality standards/specs (view below) and unbeatable warranty, this is a product that Subaru owners can trust. 

The ISC Subaru wheel spacers are available in 5x100 and 5x114 for Subaru vehicles and any other vehicle with the same hub bore/ bolt pattern. Included are 2x Precision-CNC-machined billet aluminum spacers, and 10x special low-profile high quality lug nuts. The adapters are hub-centric for both the car and wheels; offered in an anodized ISC Black finish. ISC Logo is engraved on spacer as well as all fitment specs. 

Materials Used 

Adapter: CNC 7075 light weight high grade aluminum 

Included Hardware: M12*1.25, Grade 12.9 

*** Please Note*** 15mm spacers are only 15mm wide, the factory studs will most likely stick out beyond the spacer. That means the wheels you are bolting on MUST have pockets in back for the studs to poke into or modifications will need to be made to the studs. Make sure to check your wheels for clearance before you order these. Most STI wheels DO have pockets on the back side. 

Part Numbers 

5x100 Spacers 

WS5x10015B - ISC 5x100 Black Hub Centric Wheel Spacers (Pair) 15mm 
WS5x10025B - ISC 5x100 Black Hub Centric Wheel Spacers (Pair) 25mm 

5x114 Spacers 

WS5x11415B - ISC 5x114 Black Hub Centric Wheel Spacers (Pair) 15mm 
WS5x11425B - ISC 5x114 Black Hub Centric Wheel Spacers (Pair) 25mm