Cusco has just released their increased volume rear differential cover for the Subaru Impreza R180 series carrier housing. 

Increased oil capacity is advantageous in both competitive motorsports and aggressive street driving to ensure LSD and final drive longevity. The increased oil volume helps absorb heat from mechanical components and encourages heat dissipation while keeping moving components more thoroughly lubricated at all times. These billet aluminum covers are available in two anodized finishes: silver and blue.


Complies with GC8, GDB/GGB, GRB/GVB Imprezas that are equipped with R180 rear differential carriers. (Will not fit R160) 


-400cc more oil capacity than factory 
-Factory Oil Capacity: 0.8~0.9L (± 0.05L) 
-Cusco Oil Capacity: 1.2~1.3L (± 0.05L) 
-Recommended for use on the circuit or overall aggressive driving 
-Heat sink fins promote enhanced cooling features 
-Billet anodized aluminum highly durable 
-Pre-tapped M16xP1.5 holes for external oil coolers 

Part Numbers 

692 008 AL - (Blue) 
692 008 AS - (Silver) 

*Requires OEM Subaru Part Numbers* 

Air breather cap 38354AA020 x1 
Gasket (dierential carrier) 38353AA050 x1 
Gasket (T-type H3 & H4 oil temp sensor type only) 803920050 x2